The WarHawks Academy is a cog in the mighty ATT battle machine. We were founded by MMA welterweight Dan "The Handler" Hornbuckle and we are located in Mahomet, IL. The acadamy offers many MMA services along with a very successful weight loss program.

Membership Rates

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Dan is a happily married father of three. As such, we understand how imporant it is for families to be able to train together. In order to promote fitness among your family and friends, we offer discounted rates. How awesome is that?

Base Membership

Join for a small monthly fee. Your membership entitles you to full access of our entire range of membership services.

Family Plans

Families receive an awesome discount for any additional family members.(Discounts are limited to 4 members)

Every member has full access to our full range of membership services. (Personal Training priced separately)

Effective Weight Loss

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Lil WarHawks

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Mixed Martial Arts

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Personal Training

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