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Weight Loss

Coach Hornbuckle has drawn from his many years of MMA training and competition to come up with a sensible workout that anybody can do while learning some basic Martial Arts movements. If you're really ready to lose weight, start here.

Lil' WarHawks

Building future World Champions in MMA with a combination of striking, wrestling, BJJ, stregth and conditioning training for kids.

Personal Training

World class traning and endurance specific to wrestling combined with body controlled movements for development of explosive power. You will develop maximum muscular endurance, and the limits of your mental fortitude will be pushed to championship levels.

MMA Training

Learn all of the foundational Arts necessary for solid Mixed Martial Arts competition. There's emphasis on both striking and a superior ground-game. Coach Hornbuckle is uniquely qualified to tailor training that will enhance your weaknesses and improve your strengths.